As a User Experience Designer (UX) I can form strategies to map and optimise the experience for users and service providers. I have successfully eliminated painpoints to make services and digital products enjoyable and efficient.

As a User Interface Designer (UI) I can design intuitive interfaces and utilise visual languages to enhance the usability of your products. I like to make interfaces fun to interact with and appealing, using innate human elements where possible.

As a Service Designer I can categorise information and make complex data sets really easy to interact with. Having a good hierarchy of information can significantly reduce development time and future proof your products.

As a Business Analyst I can run workshops and experiments to validate your core product or service. Implimenting a validation workflow can ensure no time is wasted developing solutions that are not measured and have high risk of failure.

As a Front End Developer I can build simple websites and working prototypes using html and CSS. I coded this website from scratch, it's optimised to load fast on mobile devices and meets basic accessibility standards.

Available May 2020
Learning Google AMP
Located in California


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Crew Member Mcdonalds
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Massey University
Web/ Visual Designer Freelance
Art Teacher Ergo Art Studio
Game UX Designer Apollo 13 Show
Personal Projects Game Design/ Apps/ Websites
QA/UX Designer Careers NZ
UX/UI Designer Launch Design
Business Training CDANZ
Traveling 14 Countries
UX/ UI Designer The Massive Collective
Business Analyst You Just Go
UX Designer Wellington City Council
UX/UI Designer Geo Insight
Exciting Role Your Organisation

7 years working in UX/UI

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4 years studying at university

Bachelor of Communication Design

Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. Majoring in Digital Media.


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Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator

Html & CSS


Google Sheets

Chrome Devtools

Google AMP

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Search Console

Web Designer

Google Business

Google Adsense

Autodesk Maya

Unity Engine






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Mental Health




Human Centric Tech


Krav Maga










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