As a User Experience Designer (UX) I can optimise the user journey so that complex tasks become a breeze. Also mapping the existing user journey can help key decision makers make informed decisions.

As a User Interface Designer (UI) I can design intuitive interfaces and utilise visual languages to enhance the users experience. I like to make interfaces fun to interact with and appealing, bringing in human elements where possible.

As a Service Designer I can categorise information and make complex data sets really easy to interact with. Having a good hierarchy of information can make everything more efficient.

As a Business Analyst I can run workshops and experiments to validate your core product or service. Implimenting a validation workflow can ensure no time is wasted developing solutions that are not measured and have high risk of failure.

As a Front End Developer I can build simple websites and working prototypes using html and CSS. I coded this website, it meets accessibility standards, has complete SEO code and is optimised to load fast on mobile devices.

Available May 2020
Learning Google AMP
Located in California



Designed GIS application for NZ forestry & local Governments

Geo Insight, 2020

Helped local governments in New Zealand tackle the ongoing forestry non-compliance that damages the environment.

Improved job dispatch system that connects 112 departments

Wellington City Council, 2019

How I enabled the service improvement team to map the UX for 700+ services more efficiently and influenced the new job dispatch system.

Mapped building consent process for key decision makers

Wellington City Council, 2019

What I presented to the top leadership team to help them make an executive decision on the building consent process.

Designed automated hospitality management ordering software

The Massive Collective, 2019

Hotel owners wanted to replace old software and automate the ordering system, I designed the UX/UI for the web application.

Designed Pacific Games 2019 Website for Samoan Government

The Massive Collective, 2019

Designed a website for users to keep track of 26 sports, where 3500 athletes from 24 countries in the pacific compete for gold medals.

Helped validate core product for travel application

You Just Go, 2018

Conducted experiments to help demonstrate why users were getting lost in the customer facing travel planning and booking system.

Designed Web Design Company and completed over 50 projects

Launch Design NZ, 2015

Started a small web design business complete with branding, illustrations, website and social media. Then worked for over 30 clients.

Designed realistic 1970's NASA interactive experience

Apollo 13 Mission Control, 2013

Designing content that reflected NASA's mission control setup in the 1970's. For the interactive Apollo 13: Mission Control theatre show.

Taught art in weekends with my own lessons plans

Ego Art Studio, 2013

Bringing structure, positive reinforcement and fun to an art studio that traditionally relied on discipline.

Skills & Values

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Career Values

How I spent my time

Crew Member Mcdonalds
Bachelor of Design (Hons) Massey University
Web/ Visual Designer Freelance
Art Teacher Ergo Art Studio
Game UX Designer Apollo 13 Show
Personal Projects Game Design/ Apps/ Websites
QA/UX Designer Careers NZ
UX/UI Designer Launch Design
Business Training CDANZ
Traveling 14 Countries
UX/ UI Designer The Massive Collective
Business Analyst You Just Go
UX Designer Wellington City Council
UX/UI Designer Geo Insight
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7 years working in UX/UI

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4 years studying at university

Bachelor of Communication Design

Massey University, Wellington, New Zealand. Majoring in Digital Media.


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3D Modeling


Interactive Media


Graphic Design




Web Design



Tools & software

Adobe XD

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Indesign

Adobe Illustrator

Html & CSS


Google Sheets

Chrome Devtools

Google AMP

Google Adwords

Google Analytics

Search Console

Web Designer

Google Business

Google Adsense

Autodesk Maya

Unity Engine






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Mental Health




Human Centric Tech


Krav Maga










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